2040W Saarnio Rd, Mercer, WI    |      Phone: 715-476-0289

Wed - Fri: 4pm-10pm   Sat: 11am-10pm   Sun:11am-10pm


Liberty Way Tap House - Mercer, WI

Liberty Way Tap House will be opening in Mercer, WI June 28th 2018. Initially we will be opening with 20 taps of high quality local and national beers. Liberty Way will be a casual establishment focused on providing a family atmosphere for all to enjoy. We will serve quality beer, a small selection of wine, and a few high end bourbons. There will be a bar area, tables to gather and enjoy private conversation, and as we move forward with our renovations later in the year we will be adding a lounge/ gaming area. The seating area will have quiet music likely in a classic rock genre and for the lounge and gaming area the plan is to have billiards, shuffleboard, darts, ping pong and many family oriented board games. As we move into 2019 we hope to have our licensing completed for brewing at which point Mark and Aaron will be offering their own special brews that I am confident will be very popular. Beyond that, we plan to open the kitchen, which would achieve our goal of having a quality brew pub here in the great north woods of Wisconsin. We hope you will come along and enjoy the process with us as we move forward.



Right now we have 20 specialty beers on tap. You can try them all at once or stop in multiple times.